justparis asked: in just a fragment of a second I have fallen in deep love with your art. watercolor is a technique I enjoy the most, the process tends to put me at ease immediately. I've abandoned painting for quite a while now but after seeing your works, there's nothing more I'd want than to go back. keep up the marvelous work, you truly are an inspiration!

Thank you.. You are too kind! Go pick up your paints :) I find that getting started is the hardest part. Once you get into it you won’t want to stop!

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nickerd00dles asked: Just came across your work and it is beautiful! I would love to order some of your work but your etsy url isn't working? Is there another way to buy any of your work?

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve fixed the link to my shop :) if you’re interested in a print that isn’t listed please let me know and I can make it available! :)

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blvckshirt asked: hey howd you make your banner? :3

hey! :) i drew it by hand and traced it in adobe illustrator.

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A Lost Feather